Sunday, January 6, 2013

How Are Your Holidays Going Team?

Hey everyone!

I hope you're all having a good break.  Only a few weeks to go until we're back into learning mode.

Question:  Just because we're not at school at the moment, does it mean you're not learning????

We've had lots of discussions around this haven't we?  What are your thoughts?

You know my thoughts on this and I'd love other people to join in the discussion too.  What is the power of the learning we do ALL the time - why do we need to value learning that happens every moment of our lives?

It's about getting rid of the classroom walls / flattening the classroom - remember THAT discussion??

Remember, any and all ideas count in our debates and discussions.

See you soon...


  1. My holidays are going great! I've been posting a lot of stuff for the holidays on my blog. If you go to my blog, on the sidebar you will see a video. Click play and please tell me what you think!

    1. Oh, and the question you asked? No, just because you're not at school, doesn;t mean you're not learning things because everywhere you go, you see new things.

  2. I kind of agree to Sahville, because my parents sometimes say, that the holidays are for having a rest and learning something you are not good at. So the holiday is not just for having a rest it's time for filling things up.


  3. Hey you two! Great to read your thinking on this. I'm about to start looking at all of the blogs and updating the comments so keep an eye out for these. :-)
    Timothy, I love your comment about 'filling things up' - that's what I've been doing too - filling things up in areas I'm interested in.
    Sahville, I also agree with you - we're always learning. I think we miss out on an awful lot if we think we know everything - where's the fun in that??!!

  4. My holidays were ok but sometimes my parents always annoys me in my room. I went to the beach with my commnity and I was trying to be black not that black.

    By Toru