This page is where we will let you know what we are learning about in maths.  If you have any questions please just ask us.

This page will be the overview for the week's learning.  If you want to see how we are learning as individuals, please check out our individual blogs which are linked to this blog on the sidebar of this blog.  (Right hand side - you may need to scroll down a wee way).

TERMS 1 AND 2 2013

TERM 2 - WEEKS 6 - 10
We're focusing on Measurement now and also on fractions and decimals.  The decimals tie in nicely with measurement so it helps to give a real-world context for our teaching and learning.

I'm going to tie fractions in with music and art.  Check out the art of Piet Mondrian - this is what we will be exploring to help us understand fractions in context.

This is another video about the artist himself - he changed a lot of thinking about art at the time.

TERM 2 - WEEKS 1 - 5
We've been focusing on Algebra over the last few weeks and it's really exciting to see that we've retained our understanding from last year!!  Not only that, but we've moved on really quickly and most of us are developing our understanding at the top end of Level 4!  Really exciting!!

Below are some clips from Youtube that we've looked at and that relate to the Fibonacci Sequence.  It's been a fascinating way to look at algebra and number patterns and also combine this with Science and Art.  What could be better??!!

 Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

We're focusing on Statistics at the moment.  We want to become confident in reading and creating graphs during 2013. 

Below are some videos that will be helpful in understanding some of the different graphs.


TERM 4 2012

WEEKS 2 AND 3 - GEOMETRY FOCUS - TESSELLATIONS -(Photos and information to come)


We are looking at 3-D shapes and how the nets for these are constructed and the attributes or properties of each shape.
We need to be able to describe and compare shapes and talk about the number of faces, edges and corners / vertices.

We've included our Learning Intentions - what we need to learn - and our Success Criteria - how we are going to learn it - so that you can see whether we've achieved our learning and how well we've achieved it.

  • Describe the attributes (properties) of the 3-D shapes
  • Draw the net for a 3-D shape

  • Name the shape
  • Describe its features - faces, edges, corners/vertices
  • Can draw the unfolded 3-D shapes as a net'
  • Can put the net together and it will make the 3-D shape accurately

The students had to complete the 3-D shapes and then...
Complete a learning reflection on their blogs:
Take a photo
Reflect on the learning
Write a description for the blog and include the LIs and SC
Describe each shape and its attributes
Compare the shapes - similarities and differences