Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Chynas get well soon post.

Ms Hughes you better come back soon we miss you dearly and plus we need you to come back because the whole school is missing you because the way you have taught the school how to become pretty pretty pleases come back and when you do come back pleases give me lots and lots of hugs!!!!!!.

Lots of love Chyna Sheerin and Deighkotah?


    Your the light to our education
    With us you went through happiness and irritation
    Then we hear a message about your hospitalization
    Without you our educations not improving any greater
    My thoughts lay printed on this piece of paper
    Never deceive , always believe , that you'll do it right!
    You know your strong , you cant go wrong ,
    you must keep up with the fight.
    you are my deep thoughts , you are my strong voice
    Without your guidance , we cant make the right choice.
    Miss i know you can do it , your a strong lady

    your filled with light , your full of beauty

    without you our days are mysterious and dark

    its like we all have a disease called stress mark

    you are the one that motivates us in everything

    its you miss your so encouraging! I love you , WE love you ,

    PS ; Mariah , :) I made this for you , don't loose your hope and faith. WE NEED YOU <3

  2. thank you for supporting my post mariah i am proud of you for supporting miss hughes and yes miss hughes you do need to come back because without you it is hard to learn you need to come back and give us lots of hugs and kisses becuase we are all missing you especially me and deighkotah we are to upset when you are away and that is because we aspire you and thats what we want in the school pleases do come back and be happy with us and the school dont lose your faith and we will be there for you when you need the help from us. chyna sheerin moshera shirley davis jhainah evans rose

  3. Thanks Mariah I LOVE your poem it's amazing P.S Ms Hughes you should listen to the poem?.

    1. Aww thank you ;) , haha ..Ms did read the Poem egg ^ :D

  4. Hi guys! I am missing all of you so much. I haven't head surgery yet but I'll let you know when it is and I'll hopefully recover quickly and be back with you before you know it.

    I have read Mariah's poem - she emailed it to me a few weeks ago. Love it - made me feel very humble.

    I will try and come in to see you soon.

    Miss H :-)