Here is where you will find all the tools to help you with your writing.  I will upload the Feedback ideas / Discussion Starters page here for you shortly.

ROOM 14'S SHARED WRITING - EXPLANATION  (Still needs to have photos / diagrams).

Tips, tricks and links

EXPLANATION CHECKLIST - Click on the Explanation Checklist to make sure that you are working towards achieving the LIs and SCs.  You can use this for your self- and peer-assessment too.  I've opened it for editing so... Save a copy and add it to a new page on your own blog and this will be where your digital version of your Text Form Diary will live!  :-)


Transactional Writing Matrix - for Explanations

Surface Features - for all Text Forms

The Writer - Context and Process - Understandings about writing and the writing process - very helpful for you to know what you should be doing as an awesome writer.  :-)

A GLOSSARY you might find useful.  It has a lot of technical terms but you're very capable learners and teachers so have a look and challenge your thinking and learning.  They are terms you will use later on at High School too.  Think about adding it to your own blog.