Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ms Hughes

Marvelous Volcanoe.
By: Simon,Jahvis,Patrick,Tre-d.

The volcanoe ready to explode.

Ms Hughes and her wonderful visit.

Sorry About the big space


  1. hi miss hughes it is sad that you didnt come see me and my class because we were looking forward to seeing you but oh well just hope you get better and come back with us and the school i love you miss hughes wacth this it is a girl singing a famous song and she is five years old this will hopefully cheer your day up.....

  2. Hi Chyna
    When I came in all of you darlings were at Tech so I missed you. I will be in for the shared lunch tomorrow so I will definitely see all of you then.

    Miss all of you so very much but it won't be long until I'm back driving everyone crazy again!!

    See you tomorrow. (I loved the video too!)

    Miss H :-)

  3. I had one of the best days today because I got to see all of you!!! Really looking forward to having lunch with you tomorrow too.

    You are obviously carrying on with your fantastic learning - best present I could ever get!!

    See you tomorrow.

    Miss H :-)

  4. I wasn't there but I would really like to have been there but at least I know you're ok and in good shape so have heaps of rest and I can't wait to see you again.