Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Who Is A Global Citizen?

This week, as part of our Inquiry (Aspire) and our Edublogs Challenge, we're thinking about Who a Global Citizen is.  What makes us a Global Citizen and how can we aspire to act like a Global Citizen?
What responsibilities do we have as a Global Citizen and, to tie it in with our inquiry, How can we aspire to be digital Global Citizens?

We've started a Google Doc to show our initial thinking and how our ideas change and develop over the next few weeks as we pull these ideas / concepts apart.

Click on the link below to take you to the Doc and add your thoughts - don't forget to leave your name and country so that we can see what our 'Global Reach' is!

Who Is A Global Citizen?

Friday, March 22, 2013

Edublogs Challenge 2013 Is On!!!

The Edublogs Challenge is run twice a year and involves schools around the world communicating through their blogs and blogging.  It's an awesome way to become Global Citizens and to give and receive feedback on our learning!

It runs twice a year for 10 weeks. A new challenge for the Edublogs challenge starts at March and September, each year.

The Edublogs challenge for this week is about getting creative.

You can post about:
  • What you passion is.
  • About 10 dream jobs.
  • Added tags and categoriesto all your previous posts.
  • Added links to your blog.
  • Checked out Earth Hour website and joined.
Also there are heaps more things you can do if you go on The Student Blogging Challenge!                           

Check out the link we've copied to Google Drive from Edublogs to see who is on our list.  We will give you the names of your blog buddies today.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


WOW!!  I am loving reading your poetry and seeing the ways in which you are expanding and extending your knowlegde of more interesting vocabulary.

What are the resources and tools you have in and out of the classroom to help you extend your vocabulary? (Think about how you're using the Google Doc too as a support for vocabulary development).

What other things do you need to do to help develop your vocabulary?  (Think about reading a wider range of texts, etc).

What can you do on a daily basis in your learning - remember learning is in and out of school.

I'm also loving the discussion that's started on the Google Doc - keep that going too, alongside the vocabulary development.

Monday, March 4, 2013

What Would A Scientist Do?

Hey everyone!  Welcome to Week 6.  (Can you believe it's Week 6 already???!!!)

We've been having some issues with the survival rate of our Monarch Caterpillars over the past few weeks and we're not sure what's happening.

What would a scientist do to investigate this issue?  What hypotheses would they come up with?  How would they find out?  What thinking would they be doing when they are 'THINKING LIKE SCIENTISTS'?

Add your ideas below and link your Prior Knowledge to Make Connections and Ask Questions.  You will also need to Analyse and Summarise your findings / research.  You may also need to Infer Meaning to come up with your hypotheses about what is happening.

Who could you ask about this issue?  What resource people do you know?  Who could you contact?