Wednesday, March 13, 2013


WOW!!  I am loving reading your poetry and seeing the ways in which you are expanding and extending your knowlegde of more interesting vocabulary.

What are the resources and tools you have in and out of the classroom to help you extend your vocabulary? (Think about how you're using the Google Doc too as a support for vocabulary development).

What other things do you need to do to help develop your vocabulary?  (Think about reading a wider range of texts, etc).

What can you do on a daily basis in your learning - remember learning is in and out of school.

I'm also loving the discussion that's started on the Google Doc - keep that going too, alongside the vocabulary development.


  1. Knowing where to put the contractions and making a vivid picture and making it sound interesting wih big word ;-)

  2. to hel[p me develope is to read and the more you read the more your vocanubly will extented

  3. read and write more often, that's how you widen your vocab!:3

  4. peau,melody,pisila,jasmineMarch 13, 2013 at 10:02 AM

    Some of the other things we can do to improve our volcabulary are: reading on daily bases, listerning to others reading books so that we can get the hang of pronouncing words the right way, and also getting used to reading differnt forms of reading e.g. news paper,sighns (etc) and also watching the news (etc).

  5. To develop good skills on your vocabulary, just read more books (just like reading newspapers) and when you read more books you improve the vocabulary on your writing too. You won't have any problems at all when reaching an exam.

    1. You are right Tom the more you read books the your vocabulary is really ok.

      By Toru

  6. For me it's to keep reading and writing and taking advice from other people, feedback is really great if you want to use better vocab.