It's all about being safe on the Net and developing the skills to know how to stay safe and deal with any situations that arise.

Knowledge is power - and keeps us safe Digital Citizens!

 We have been thinking about how to keep safe on the Net. These are our ideas to date. We will keep adding to them as we learn more about Internet Safety. Please add your ideas too - you can email us at school.

  • Never put your last name, age, address or phone number on the net. Know how to search safely - adding +k12. 
  • Minimise the page and let an adult know straight away if you are concerned about something that comes up on screen. 
  • Use tools to keep us safe - e.g. Quietube. 
  • Never click on competitions or anything you are unsure of. 
  • Always make sure that your comments are appropriate. Comments are moderated through the school email address - moderated in partnership with the teacher and student. 
  • We don't follow people we don't know or who are not through an appropriate site, e.g. through another school blog, epals.
  • We respect ourselves and other people by not posting anything offensive, or anything that we wouldn't be prepared to say to someone's face.  Cyberbullying doesn't happen in our learning environment.
  • If we are concerned about anything online the first people we talk to are - an adult we can trust.
These are the ideas we have to begin with - we will revisit them at the beginning of the year and throughout the year as needed, and if we come up with new tips and tricks!


  1. cybersafety if you get bullied on twitter facebook,and all other stuff you have ask an oldie for help to stop it dont do anything back...

    chyna:) please comment back

  2. If you are being cyberbullied dont be scared to talk up and tell someone older if you are to scared to tell something then you can always ask people for help that care about you.....

    1. thank you rhiannon why do you think cybebulling happens in life?

    2. I do also agree with you Chyna because people getting Cyber bullied.People do need to speak up and confess about bullies

  3. true that do you know anyways that we could stop cyberbulling and why do you thin k bully?

  4. if someone is being cyberbulled talk to some one your perons police and make shore you do not write back you and have to be strong in a thing like this so do not be afrad to speak up tell someone rightaway phone youthline they can help you et though it and be strong not scared people can help you by madison

  5. that is right madison i was just having the same argument with rhiannon if you are scared do the write thing and dont talk back tell an oldie do you know any ways to stop cyberbulling?

  6. i thought we were but we werent sorry do you agree with madison about telling a oldie when you are scared of getting bullied


  7. I think if you first get cyber bullied go straight to someone.You trust like:
    .Principal or Parents
    so if they don't listen to you go to the people that can track them down...Police?
    That's what I have to say By:Deighkotah
    Please tell me your thoughts on my idea weither
    it's not positive or positive? :)