Thursday, September 5, 2013

What Does Communites Mean To You

Hi my name is Emma and I would like your opinion on what do communities mean to you and what are you thoughts on COMMUNITIES and if you thought about the word communities what would be the first thing you think of.
One person can affect the whole of the communities and that important that you work as a team.
and that we look out for each other if your car had broke down some one from your communities with pullover and help you and that what communities do and I hope you get better Miss Hughes and you look after your self just remember your students are in your heart and that important thankyou for being the best teacher ever   


  1. Emma, I think you are pretty amazing and you've shown through posting on the blog what being part of a community is - it's all about that collective responsibility and I think you've shown that by taking the initiative and posting a question / discussion topic for people to comment on.
    I think it's about not just having one person take the lead all the time, but sharing the load. :-)

  2. you have shared your love and integrity

  3. I think community means people that are in the same place but it doesn't have to be at the same time if you get what I mean.