Monday, July 29, 2013

A Update...and the power of an Online Learning Community!

Hi everyone

Something has been added to our blog in some way - it's a link underneath MyChatPack.  DO NOT CLICK ON THIS!

I have contacted Blogger to find out how to remove it as it doesn't appear to have any html associated with it.  Hopefully they will deal with it straight away.

Just one of those things when working digitally.


Remember this afternoon, I posted a question to the online learning forum about this?  Well, I've had lots of answers and support and the offending link has been removed!  This is the power of teaching and learning in the digital age and learning in an online learning community.   When you're stuck or not sure about how to do something, help is only a quick post away in a learning forum!!

How can we use this power to help us in our daily learning - through an online learning community!  This is also what I started to talk to you about today.  More to come in the next few days....................

I can relax now, just like Gracie........


  1. omg that is so cute is that your cat miss hughes so beautiful not as beautiful as you though you are awsome

  2. Yes, that is lazy Gracie! :-) Thanks Chyna - you are very kind.