Thursday, November 8, 2012

Focusing On Being Organised, Self-Managing and Ready For Learning

Hi everyone!  Hope you're having a great week.  Here's a question for you (a few questions, actually):

  • How organised are you each day and are you always ready for learning?
  • What does 'Ready for learning mean to you?'
  • How could you self-manage this more effectively and efficiently so that you are taking responsibility for being ready for learning?

Add your thoughts below and then challenge yourselves to make a change.

You might find the following link helpful at school and at home.  Check it out and let me know your thoughts on it - get the discussion started!

more dancing students


  1. I am allways organised for learning and school, I allways leave my uniform on the first bunk so that when I wake up I just have to get into my uniform!
    Ready for learning in my opinion is getting things ready before you have to do them, and using your brain by doing things before your told to do them.
    I can do these things better by putting more things out before being told to!

  2. (Timothy) First before I go to sleep I prepare my uniform for the next day of school. At school I get all the things I need from my bag, and I come to class as fast as possible.

    (Tom) Before I go to bed,I always have to prepare for school by 9 PM. When I arrive at school I read my book and stop when the bell rings for my other learning.

    -Timothy & Tom

  3. (Simon)Before i go bed i get my items ready for school like around 7:30 and i sleep before 9:00, and by the time im getting ready i get slowed down by my relatives getting to school early.

    (Dominic)As you can see I am usually prepared for my education and learning(school)but when it comes to sleeping I always sleep in,but hey,at least Im organised for school and leave my uniform under my bed so when Im awake,ch ching,ready for intermediate.
    -Dominic & Simon.