Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Today's Learning Tasks

Hi everyone!  Hope your week's off to an awesome start.  I can't wait to read your descriptive writing!

Your tasks for today are below - complete them thoroughly :-)

Complete your descriptive writing and share it with a buddy using the feedback starters I gave you earlier in the term.  Make sure you proof read and edit your writing.  Once this is completed, upload your writing to your individual blogs and go on at least 2 other people's blogs and give them feedback - use the feedback examples from the sheet again.
  • Does your audience have all they need to be able to understand what you are writing about?
  • Have you met the LIs and SCs?
Reflect on your individual learning blog using the Rubric on the ABOUT page of this blog.  Which stage are you learning at on YOUR blog - are you an EXPERT yet?  What is your next learning on your own blog?  Reflect on this and identify and comment on your next learning.

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