Sunday, April 7, 2013

An Update About MyChatPak

We're in for an exciting two weeks in Room 14!!

We have the final version of MyChatPak which is ready for us to test.  We're going to be sharing our learning with you through videos and documents emailed home and around the world to our learning buddies during the blogging challenge.

We'd love your feedback and also any ideas that you have to improve MyChatPak.  It's still in the developmental and trial stage for the next month and we will then continue to find other ways to improve it and use it in teaching and learning.

We also have a WEBSITE and a FACEBOOK page.

The confidence we're gaining in sharing our learning with others in a quick and easy way has ben fantastic.  If you're a teacher, and you'd like to help us trial this, then please leave a comment with your contact details or contact me through the link on the sidebar.

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