Monday, April 15, 2013

What About This For A Writing Prompt Team??!!

Facebook can be a great tool for learning and I use it a lot for this.

Have a look at these writing prompts.  How would YOU use them?  How will we use MyChatPak with these?  Add your ideas below as comments and then... GO FOR IT!!!!!

Choose two or three characters and write a narrative or dialogue.  What other text forms would suit this?  Poetry?  Letters?  Imagine the possibilities!



  1. Hi! my name is Anna! I love your class blog! I love the name Learning Journeys!! :) You should have yo or even your students check out my blog @ Thanks! :)

    1. Hi Anna! Thanks for the feedback - this class has only been blogging since the end of 2012. They're doing a pretty awesome job aren't they? Have you had a look at their individual blogs too?
      They will see your message on here and will go and visit your blog and leave comments too.


  2. There are so many interesting characters to choose from!It's hard to decide!

  3. Hi Sahville! I agree - do you think this would be a good Prep for Learning activity to kick off the new term? (Hope you've had a lovely holiday - it's been great seeing you still using the blogs during the holidays too!!)

    See you on Monday :-)