Friday, May 3, 2013

It's Nearly Term 2!!!!

Hi everyone!

I hope you've all had a good break and are ready for some challenging and action-packed learning this term.

We're going to begin with pulling apart all the data for our reading, writing and maths and setting goals for all of these.  You'll be adding the goals to your individual blogs and reflecting on progress on these too.  I'll add comments and questions as we go too.  :-)

The Inquiry / Concept for this Term is awesome - not going to tell you anymore at this stage but there will be hints during the week...  Of course all of this will tie in with all our other curriculum areas too.

Make sure you complete all Prep for Learning this week - you'll need to complete all the requirements for Mr Elmes' science early in the week so that you are prepared for your learning on Thursday.

All of you have updated accounts on Study Ladder now and this will be where a lot of your Prep for Learning will happen.  Remember, if there are computer issues at home that is no problem at all.  You will get extra time in class but there are also times before school and at interval / lunchtime when you may want to use the computers too.  (There's also the computer room at lunchtime).

Remember, the effort you put into your learning will really pay off.  No one can stop you from achieving your goals - only you can stop this.  Aim high, reach for the stars and I'm here to help you get there!!

See all of you fantastically stunning people on Monday!!

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