Thursday, May 16, 2013

Explaining Explanations

Do some thinking around explanations and, in your groups, start to brainstorm your ideas to answer these questions and show what our Prior Knowledge is.

What are explanations?

What is the root word - what does it mean?

Why do we use them?  What is their purpose?

Where do we find them?

Who writes them and why?  Why is there a need for them?

Are they fiction and non-fiction - how do you know?  What might they have in them that other text forms do not have?

Let's find out what we already know when writing an explanation.  Click on the link below and choose one SITUATION to write about.  Remember to EXPLAIN your thinking clearly.  The purpose of this is for us to find out how confident and skilled you already are at writing explanations to explain and share your thinking.



  1. Explanation is a way to tell someone so that they understand.


    Explanations are a way to show detail or a better description. There purpose is to explain what the situation or a given sequence/topic.

    We may find them in places such as Crime scenes, speeches and instructions.

    Detectives, students, teachers, internet and brochures.

    Both because, in fiction books they discribe characters and the story line. But in non-fiction books they explain how they felt and there mood in the story.

    By Timothy and Christian

  2. what are explanations? Explanations are reasons to explain an describe the meaning of something.

    what is the root word- what does it mean? ROOT WORD: explain means having and understanding to what someone is talking about.

    Why do we use them? what is their purpose? We use explanations in life purposes ,example: work , presentations, reasons given and people.

    Where do we find them?we find explanations basicly everywhere:

    Broshures, T.v adds school work and caution signs (road signs)

    Who writes them and why?

    People write them to sometimes caution people, help people and to explain to people.
    Everyone uses explanations to verify what they are trying to say.

    By Capri, Destiny, Camryn,Taiana, Melody and Peau

  3. Emma and gina and oceanaMay 16, 2013 at 1:12 PM


    What are they?
    it a word that you explanae to people our to do things
    what is the root word and what does it mean
    explain = it is a idear or a suituaion or a promblem clear to some one by decibeing it in more detail

    why do we us them?
    to explain to another people by descbeing it

    where do we find them?
    In the dictorary and it a word to mean different things

    by Emma Gina OCEANAN

  4. Something your trying to tell what you are talking about.


    So we can get more infomation and to clarify what we are talking about.

    Any where in reading, maths, writing, diagram, comics, newspaper and on television.

    If we don't have any explanation then we don't know what we are talking about and if we don't then if we don't have any explanation then what do we do.

    Like when you get in trouble from your parents.

    Fabian, Gideon, Keanu, Logan, Toru

  5. What are they?... They are explaining something or making an excuse
    Root Word?... Explain
    Why do we use them?... to teach someone something and to not get in trouble
    Where do you find them?... In nonfiction books and out of naughty people's mouths
    Who writes them and why?... Non-fiction Authors to help someones learning or Kids in Detention- For lying
    people don't just write them they say them when the are late or in trouble... :3
    Explanations are not only non-fictions but fiction... >:3

    1. By Jade :3, Rhiannon:), Sahville=D, Jaxson >:), Madi <3, Patrick:-)

  6. I've loved this discussion!! You already have an excellent understanding of the purpose of explanations and what they are. I can't wait to get writing with you!!