Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Awesomeness of Algebra

We're well and truly into our learning about Algebra and how much fun you can have with numbers and number patterns!!!!  I think it's one of my most favourite areas of maths.

I've included some clips for you here so that you can have a little fun with it too.  Don't forget to share it with others and add your comments and thoughts.

REMEMBER THE FIBONACCI SEQUENCE????? (You might need to watch this a few times - she speaks really quickly!!!!)

What about this one??  I bet you didn't know it was in music too!!

And then there's this one!  It's everywhere!!  Even in art!

I can't wait to read what you think about these.  Look closely and observe - it's what scientists do.  Think like a scientist - and maybe an artist - and perhaps a musician - and don't forget the mathematicians!

What surprised you?  What fascinated you?  Did you view and respond to these with "WONDERMENT AND AWE" - a fantastic Habit of Mind.


  1. It's hard to follow but I got it. I looks fun to do at home but I won't waste tape cause I would get in troule.

  2. We looooove these video's , we love it how pinecone's hav fibonacci number's in it (we never knew that) also fibonacci number's are everywhere (music,nature etc.) we really enjoyed it