Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Welcome Back and a Reminder

Hi everyone

Today we were excited to welcome Mariah back to our whanau.  It's great to have you home and we really missed you.

Remember, we have a shared lunch tomorrow.  Looking forward to celebrating a fantastic half year of learning and to welcome Mariah back.


  1. Welcome back Mariah :)

  2. We all missed you Mariah what was Rangeview like????

  3. Welcome back Mariah and Jahvis
    by Madison

  4. I love the way all of you care so much about each other - it's makes our learning environment pretty special. Thank you. I respect you greatly for that. :-)

  5. miss rm 14 heapz and welcome mariah

    miss you all peau good


  6. Melody!! Hello! It's brilliant to hear from you - we really miss you but know that you will be making lots of new friends because you are always so friendly and cheerful. Please keep in touch with us through the blog and emails. We'd love to hear your news and hear about your new school.

    ps - Peau and Pisila are always good lol ;-)