Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Last Weekend's Learning

Last weekend I went to EducampChCh to share MyChatPak and also to push my own learning further.  Everyone loved what all of you have been doing with MyChatPak and how confident you're becoming in sharing your learning with others.  I felt very proud of the effort you put into your learning and it's fantastic for others to be able to see what I see every day!

I've included the Google Presentation from the day for you to have a look at.  There are some incredible tools that we can use in the classroom but we need to keep in mind - always - the central question - What impact will this tool have on teaching and learning?  If it doesn't have a positive impact then is it just a 'cool tool'?  We need to be able to be clear about the learning behind the tool.

Have a really close look at the SAMR model of technology integration - I really loved this and learned such a lot about it.  This may be the tool that we use to decide on the impact of a particular tool or app that we want to use in our teaching and learning. 

As always - I'm really looking forward to hearing YOUR thoughts.  You always make me think more deeply and critically about what I do in teaching and learning. 

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