Sunday, June 16, 2013

Prep For Learning for Week 7 - WEEK 7!!!!???? Can you believe it??

Hi everyone!
I hope you've all had good weekends and are ready to push your learning as far as it can go again this week.

Your Prep for Learning is simple this week:

  • Read, read, read......
  • Maths - online on Studyladder - please use classroom computers if there are computer issues at home :-)
  • Speeches - we're working hard to complete these by Wednesday and then start presenting on Friday - don't panic about these.  We can use MyChatPak to help you develop confidence.
  • Inquiry / Concept - you've narrowed down your question.  Now is the time to research.  We'll be recapping the tools an effective researcher needs on Monday and Tuesday.  Use time at home to read and research.

Have an awesome week and keep Striving to Achieve!!

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