Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A big welcome to Monica.

Monica is an international student - she's from a country called Cheonan in Korea.  It's not a well known country in Korea but here's a little bit about her.

I have a mom, dad and younger brother.  My school in Korea is called: Branksome Hall Asia and it's an international school and it is placed at Je Ju island.  I have enjoyed New Zealand so far.  I have been here for two weeks and leave in the next two weeks on Saturday.  In New Zealand I stay with Logan my home stay Dad and home stay mum Michelle and younger home stay brother Lucas.  They welcomed me into their home.  Lucas is like a brother to me he always comes to my room and says "Let's play together".  I am going to miss him when I leave and can't wait to find out if I'm coming back.  And that's about me.
I  hope to see our class again. Let's keep in touch.


  1. Hi I'm Korean as well but I haven't been a school or any place that teaches you things. So I think one day after you go to Korea, our class and maybe your Korean class Skype each other one day. (Just my thinking)

    - Timothy

    1. Sure:)
      monica.song12 This is my skype name!!

      I will miss you when I go back to Korea:(
      Let's keep in touch!


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  2. Mrs Hughes you spelled country wrong i did not pick it up because my sister read it and told me that country was spelled wrong

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  4. That is very cool and we love haveing you in our class.