Thursday, August 22, 2013

Greetings and a big hug to all the fantastic teachers and learners in Room 14!

Hi everyone

Just wanted to pop in and say a big hello and send virtual hugs to all of you.
Thank you so much for the cards and I'm loving all the messages on here.
I am missing you soooooo much - home is very boring compared to teaching and learning with all of you.
Please don't worry because I will be absolutely fine.  I will try and come in to see you on Friday.

I hope you're continuing to put a huge effort into your learning - like you always do.  I will go on your individual blogs and add lots of comments so make sure you're keeping up with recording your learning on here.

Hugs and best wishes and I will see you soon.

Miss H :-)


  1. Thank you ms Hughes we miss you so so so much and was exciting to see you in class

  2. Thanks miss for coming in its good to see you I'm sure we all enjoyed your hugs
    LOL=Lots of love CAMRYN!!!

  3. Ngwaa thanks Ms Hughes. Missing you so much its really not the same without you, but hopefully you get better soon and come back but no pressure all we want is for you to get better and don't rush it ( just a opinion)
    love you lots ;
    Pisila,Peau and the rest of room 14.xoxo