Thursday, August 22, 2013

Get Well Soon Miss Hughes!!

I know there's already been 2 posts for you Miss Hughes (Rhiannon and Deighkotah), but I'd like to say get well soon also!

It's been very up and down, muddly and confusing (for me, anyway) lately in Room 14.
But hey...

We all miss you lots!!



picture from:

(dont click the link at school because it's blocked and so is the picture)


  1. This has made my night!!!! I Can't stop laughing - miss you guys soooo much. I will come and say hi after morning tea tomorrow. Please don't worry - I will be fine and will be back to drive you guys batty as soon as!

    1. hello miss hughes i bet you dont know who this is miss hughes you have to come back please because i am missing you and you are probaly missing us i want you to come and visit us as soon as possible and be better i want you to come back and make me feel crazy i miss you and i want you to come back i love you miss hughes by chyna......