Friday, August 30, 2013

Greetings to all my fabulous teachers and learners

Hi everyone

I'm sorry I haven't been on for a wee while.  Missing you guys enormously - as big as the universe and beyond!!!

Please don't get grumpy with each other.  I know it's really hard at the moment but life's like that and we can either become part of the problem or part of the solution.  (You knew that was coming aye!)  We are an amazing team of teachers and learners and we are way stronger than this.

Remember, you have lots of authors on the blog now, but I will also go on here and post questions about the current inquiry if that will help :-)

I have one condition though - all of you need to contribute to the discussions I post - deal??  ;-)  The blog will be our way to keep in touch with and support each other.

I love the idea of the poetry competition - get that going too.  You are all very independent learners.  Come on guys, we can do this!  It's a cool way of me being able to keep in touch with you and your learning but, more importantly with you as my wonderful class of superkids!!

Missing you a lot and I will be back the minute I am able to - you know that.

Miss H :-)


  1. miss hughes im only grumpy because you arent here and if you were here then i would be all happy and ready to learn i am missing you more then anything else and i want you to come back and teach me some skills for life and only you are my best teacher because you have taught me lots and you have taught me how to become an adult and die young thank you please come back im missing you so much.

    chyna sheerin moshera davis shirley evans:(

  2. Hey Miss Hughes missing you always Sometimes I get a bit sad because everything is changing for us in class, it has been kinda fun but not really . How are you and Murray I hope that you're sugery goes well Love yah lots miss from Room 14

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  4. Hi miss hughes room 14 really hopes you get well and come back.

  5. Hi ms Hughes I'm really enjoying Ms Kempster she's amazing me rhiannon and sahville will keep you updated