Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Each week we have a Syndicate Assembly where the focus is on sharing and celebrating our successes, visiting and revisiting values and sharing our ideas in an open forum.  It's a valuable and enjoyable time.

The students and I will post informtion every week about what we've discussed and the Value that we're working on.  These always combine with our school-wide values / philosophy of R2P2GC (Respectful, Responsible, Proud, Prepared Learners and Teachers who are Global Citizens).

This week's value is.....


SIGNS OF SUCCESS - (The Virtues Project, Inc, 2000, 2004) - How we will know if we're considerate teachers and learners - and human beings!
  • Respect other people's needs and feelings
  • Consider others' needs as important as your own
  • Stop and think how your actions will affect others
  • Put yourself in other people's shoes (empathy)
  • Give tender attention
  • Think of little things to bring others happiness
Where do our school values of R2P2GC fit in here? 
What are the ways that you show and live these values in your daily lives - both in and out of school?


  1. To me being considerate means looking out for others and making sure they are okay. I would say consideration isn't something that you can do straight away - it's who you learn from and who's surrounding you, because people surrounding you can sometimes affect how you can behave. Sometimes I like to practice kindness and consideration, so I am more considerate. Being considerate isn't just about being kind, but it's also about paying attention to what other people need. It's also making sure you know how what you do can affect others feelings.

  2. I think Considrate means being mature people that could do stuff that would earn more respect to others that hasn't affected others action and people thats feelings could be mature and senseabile as well. BY-Taiana