Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What Does 'Excellence' Mean to You

This morning in our Southgate Syndicate Assembly, we explored the concept of excellence and what it can mean for us as teachers and learners.

Below are some of the thoughts from this morning.  Your task is to add what you believe 'Excellence' is and how you can be a lifelong learner who Strives for Excellence in everything you do. 

"The Practice of Excellence"

I give my best to all that I do.
I give my best to my relationships.
I am a lifelong learner.
I fulfill my true possibilities.
I strive for mastery.
I work with love.

I am thankful for the gift of Excellence.
It is my true prosperity.

Source:  Virtues Project International


  1. We think that excellents is just going for what you want to achieve and for just giving it all you have and to never give up.


  2. I think 'Excellence' means
    When you try your hardest you find that your goal point has been moved further away so you need to strive for that new goal post!

  3. Excellence is some thing you work for and excellence is some thing you work at in the future and in life. by madison

  4. Execellence Is A Achievement It Means When you know what to achieve you achieve more,EXCELLENCE try harder in the future to get what you wanted with EXCELLENCE....

    Simon,Tre-D,Logan And Tom

  5. To me exellence means trying your best and completing what you wanted to do.

  6. Excellence means its more than just a word, that means alot to others..... By Taiana.