Monday, February 18, 2013

The Problem with Problem Solving

We're revisiting our understanding, knowledge and thinking around problem solving strategies.

Today we discussed the 5 main ones and then applied them to a game of human solitaire!  It was a fantastic way to put many of the strategies into action.  We even tied in Habits of Mind, Multiple Intelligences and Reading Comprehension strategies!  Not too bad we thought - if we do say so ourselves.

The 5 main Problem Solving Strategies are...

  1. Guess (this includes guess and check, guess and improve)
  2. Act It Out (act it out and use equipment)
  3. Draw (this includes drawing pictures and diagrams)
  4. Make a List (this includes making a table)
  5. Think (this includes using skills you know already)

If you want to read more about these and look at some examples, the check out

There's some fantastic examples on this site.

Some of us in action today.  (Just wait for tomorrow's challenge!!!!)  Help your child by asking them about the strategies and how they are applying them in their learning.

If they can stop laughing, they'll get it!

Yep, they're getting there - still laughing though! :-)

Maths and having fun while we learn - what could be better??


  1. What could be better......

    I recon what we are doing right now is really good for our learning/maths and it's a lot of fun. But if we could make the learning better and much more funner, I think that we could maybe have more activities that will challenge our brains a bit more.


  2. I agree with you Timothy. You have an excellent level of skill and expertise in this area and it's time to push your learning and stretch your thinking. Just wait until you see what's in store for you and our other learners and teachers tomorrow! I've got some interesting problem solving challenges for you.

  3. I'd like to see how the problem solving strategies work with reading.

  4. We learned so much when we were playing the game solitaire we learned alot but also struggleed taking one step only . I learned alot from it and had so much fun.


  5. Think you Miss Hughes I love the promblem soviling It is one of my fav Math i have done in a long time.

  6. Problem solving is pretty hard until you use The 5 Rules
    1.Guess and check
    2.Act it out
    5.Make A List
    Simon,Tre-D And Christian

  7. Man,tell me about problem solving. I'm actually getting smarter in solving problems. Struggling sometimes,but, I'm still the man.

    From Dominic

  8. I think learning maths is really fun especially working it out and the challenge we done was really awesome we had to switch round we worked it out but it was diffulcult to get to that point of actually knowing the answer hopefully we do that again..

  9. I agree with you melody as we were doing the math problem outside i felt it was difficult because everyone was talking at the same time trying to be heard but after that part we settled down and started to really think about the situation and how to solve and as we were working as a team we finally got it!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I think problem is somethink you or friend can work together to solve. Gideon.

  11. Thank you Miss Hughes for that awesome maths question from yesterday. I hope that you gives us more chanllenges for to morrow.

    by Fabian and Logan

  12. I like the maths we get because the maths we get is giveing us a problem
    to sovle it .by gina and madison

  13. I found the problem very hard when miss hughes gave us problem solving it was not hard when I used the five main rules for math

    * act it out
    * draw it
    * make a list
    * check and guess

  14. After Miss Huges telling us those 5 problem solving strategies we,ve become btter then what we used to be!!!!!!!!


  15. I sometimes find problems solving frustrating, but I find maths very fun though.