Monday, February 18, 2013

Our Teaching and Learning is Moving at the Speed of Light!!

Meet our new class members - yes, they do have names!

I wonder just how many caterpillars / butterflies we're going to end up with!!!!
Wow!!!  How fast is our learning moving team!!!! 

Last week we explored all using Google Drive - all at once - worked pretty fantastically I thought!!  I loved the collaboration, the teamwork and support and the metacognitive thinking - (there's that word again!!!!)

You've now kidnapped my camera for the class which is fantastic because you're using it all the time to photograph and share your learning- what could be better than that.  Use it all the time - just remember to charge it each day.

We've got the Monarch Butterflies and I'm loving seeing how you are thinking like scientists when you're observing and making hypotheses about what happens during their life cycle.  It's deeper than that though because you're observing everything so very closely - that's what fantastic scientists do.

You're also starting to learn about Evernote and how we can use that to take notes when we're in our reading groups online - a great skill to have - more on that tomorrow.

Our next step is to also have your modelling books for Numeracy online - it will be a great resource and you can always access it no matter where you are.

eLearning - it's anytime, anywhere learning!!!!


  1. Nice pet i wish i could see it


  2. I can't wait 'til the catepillars turn into butterflies!

  3. i cant what untill the catepillars are batrefluys

  4. when I watched the caterpiller turn it was great by madison

  5. When I first watched the caterpillar turn in to a cocoon it was amazing watching how fast I had turned in to one by gina

  6. Having caterpillas in room 14 then turing into butterflys AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!