Sunday, February 3, 2013

Prepared for Learning

We're about to begin a new week of teaching and learning - can't wait! We're changing how we 'do homework' - it will now become "Prepared for Learning" and will involve beginning to think about and explore the learning that's about to happen and that is happening in our teaching and learning.

There will still be many reinforcement activities to make sure that what is learned in the classroom situation is supported and developed but there will be a greater focus on engaging in the learning that's coming up. We want to be more involved in our learning and build the learning together.

The "Prepared for Learning" information sheet will be on the blog on the sidebar under the "Prepared for Learning" Link. Many of the Prepared for Learning tasks / activities will be online ones - often through the blog.

If there are computer issues at home, please don't worry as extra time will be provided in school for the students where needed. If you have any questions at all please call in - we'd love to see you, ask your child or email me. I always love hearing from you! :-)

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  1. I am ready for learning and i'm ready to reach my goals this year in my reading, maths and writing. If there is a subject witch it is hard, you should just try is and if you don't get it right just persist.

    By Toru